9 thoughts on “Haiku: Summer

  1. I wish you had been my teacher!!! You really have a gift. I have so enjoyed reading some of your posts and look forward to learning more as I follow you.

  2. Here in Brazil summer has left some time ago and now we’re on fall – apparently… where I live the weather is rarely cold. Today the temperature dropped a little, but not enough to turn off the air conditioner.

    • We are in that really nice time of year too. It’s a little too warm to go without the AC. In a few weeks it will be hot and humid and miserable.

      My students always act surprised when we talk about how our neighbors in the southern hemisphere have opposite seasons. We talk about the earth’s axis and everything. “I don’t believe that! Nobody has winter in July!” quote from one of my students.

      • Hahaha it is funny to think about, even for us. Last time I traveled to the US it was April/May. People here freezing and my husband and I burning in Nevada’s dry sun. It was ackward to see them under blankets on Skype!

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