Red Ink Is No Joke


One of my students learned some valuables lessons today:

(1) If you break a red pen, do not put said pen between your legs because your pants will not soak up all the ink.  There will be much more ink than you expect. 

(2) Do not try to quietly clean the red ink that starts to gush out of the pen with your hands because it will get everywhere- including your hands, feet, arms, face, pants, chair, and floor.

(3) Don’t try to hug the sweet teacher who doesn’t get irritate when she discovers your red ink disaster.

(4) Don’t try to hug her again when she helps you clean up the mess. You are covered in ink. The sweet teacher is understanding because she’s been there,  but she won’t share that with you because she is a little mad. 


409 Rocks!

We clean red ink just fine.

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