Why I’m Blogging


Bloggers have a variety of reasons why they choose to blog, but our overarching goals are all the same. We have something we want to share. I briefly discussed in my first post why I started this blog; I also shared my vision.  As I continued to reflect on why I chose to blog, I separated my reasons into two categories.

What do I want?

We teachers often talk about life-long learning. I love teaching and learning. I love sharing what I know and discovering new things. I want a place where I can share my meaningful learning experiences and continue to grow as an educator and human being.

As far as my audience is concerned, I want my blog to be a place where my Dear Readers can read fun stories and learn new things. I’ll talk about books, science, history, videos, art, music, and whatever else inspires learning. I also hope to learn from other educators, fellow bloggers, students, and anyone else who has something to share.

I am passionate about education. Not just my students’ learning but my own. I want to share my thoughts and experiences. In addition, I want to become a more confident writer. This blog will be a journey for me. It is one I’ve been a little scared to take, but I have wanted to take it for a long time. I’m glad I finally gathered up the courage to do it.

Toper Domingo

Pink Floyd was wrong. I am more than just a brick in the wall.

Photo by Toper Domingo

What don’t I want?

I don’t want a typical teacher blog. This is not my classroom blog or teacher website. This isn’t about my super awesome students… well not directly. It’s kind of about them but not completely. You won’t see their pictures or learn their names. I am really protective about sharing any identifying information about my students on the internet. This will not be my teacher journal, and I will not write specific details concerning my school, colleagues, or district.

This blog isn’t about ranting/raving about CCSS, curriculum, pay, students, parents, administrators, lack of respect, testing, the dreaded politics, or any of the other usual suspects. Don’t get me wrong. I have a voice, and I use it. But that isn’t what I want for Mostly True Stories of K. Renae P.


I won't write walls of words using this despicable font.

I won’t write walls of words or use this despicable font. Promise.


Epilogue: There you have it. I’m a teacher who wants to blog about her professional and personal learning adventures.

What's on your mind Dear Reader?

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