I Learned Something: Flowers

Saturday in Natchitoches by Brittany Figaro

Saturday in Natchitoches by Brittany Figaro

I like to keep fresh cut flowers in my classroom. I buy the cheapo flowers from the grocery store because they are lovely, and I’m broke.

A colleague told me that you should cut flower stems at an angle to help them live longer. I never knew that. Apparently the flowers will be able to take in more water and last longer when cut at an angle. Having the stems stand directly on the bottom of the vase limits the amount of water the plant can absorb so they end up dying more quickly.  She also said not to cut with scissors, but I don’t keep knives handy in my classroom. Therefore, it is scissors or nothing.

Maybe I can get my flowers to last longer than a week.

Update a year later: I started do this, and it works well! Cutting the stem at an angle with a sharp knife works better than scissors. It even works on asparagus. Cut a little of the bottom of the asparagus stem at an angle and place the asparagus in a glass of water like I would other flowers. I keep them if the refrigerator that way, and they last longer.

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