My Vision*

I am not new to life on the internet. I have been interwebbing for years. I’ve designed a few websites. Truth be told, I do enjoy all this technological business. However, I’ve quickly come to the conclusion that writing a blog is not the same as designing and running a website.

Leave me alone Einstein!

Leave me alone Einstein!

I have been reading and enjoying all types of blogs for quite some time now.  Watching a blogger evolve is an enjoyable experience as a reader. How fun/frustrating is this experience for the blogger? This is a question I never considered. It’s only been a few days, and I’m finding blogging is not as easy as I thought.

Identifying my voice and purpose while keeping my blog content rich will be more challenging than I thought. I have a finite number of things to share so I am going to resist the urge to post at a fast and furious rate. I don’t want to start a posting schedule I cannot maintain. Slow and steady wins the race. I am really excited and a little nervous about this new creative journey; can’t mess it up as soon as I get out the gate.

Bloggin’ ain’t easy honey. No wonder there are so many abandoned blogs. I blame good bloggers. They made this look so easy.

In light of my epiphany, I have decided to publish my current vision and expectations for my blog. I’m making it all official. Hopefully, this will help me focus and stay on task.

My Vision

My blog is about my personal and professional teaching and learning experiences.  My blog is not a direct connection to the everyday goings on in my classroom; I have a teacher website for that. I plan on sharing my stories, teaching ideas, learning experiences, educational internet finds, and random thoughts & opinions.  My blog will be organized and free from clutter. I will not write super long paragraphs, and I will always use the Oxford comma.

We do need you Oxford Comma!

Yes you are Oxford Comma.

Since my blog is open to everyone including my students, I will keep it professional and appropriate… for the most part. I have also made the difficult decision that I will not use my blog as a soapbox or rant outlet.  I certainly have my opinions, but this isn’t the place for that. Light, positive, fun, and sometimes informative. That’s what I want.

As for the look and logistics of my blog. No clue. I’m working on it.


*My vision is subject to change. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

13 thoughts on “My Vision*

  1. I admire how clearly and succinctly you have defined your vision for this blog. As a fellow teacher, I look forward to reading about your ideas and experiences.

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